Monday, January 25, 2010

Self Reflection

I believe this assignment was a good opportunity to express our creative side and see what other people might think of it. It helped me improve my skills in the English language in a variety of ways mainly due to the various content I had to prepare. The assignment also helped me revise my organizational skills and showed me that some things simply cannot and should not be left for the last possible moment. Another important aspect was of course the chance to communicate with students from across the ocean and see what they are doing. The constructive criticism which we received was very helpful and aided me to grow as a writer. The constructive criticism I gave, on the other hand, taught me what to look for in a good piece of literary work and what to expect from one. It was interesting to see how students from another part of the world think and write and express themselves and in the end see we are all human. A difficulty this task helped me overcome was the infamous writers block because of the many suggestions and ideas about creative writing itself. A truly unusual assignment, this blog activity was a personal success.